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Junior Coaching
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Our Junior Coaching is split into 2 age groups - Mini's (ages 3-10) and Teen Tennis (ages 11+).

Within those, we have our development groups, for those playing once a week and our advanced groups for those playing at least twice a week and competing.


Click on each age group for more info about the session.

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(Ages 3 - 10)

A great introduction for kids aged between 3 and 10, mini tennis is played on smaller courts with smaller rackets and lower bouncing balls, giving kids a chance to develop their game. The general age guidelines are below, but every child is unique!

Tots: 3-5 years - Learn the basics

Red: 5-8 years - Serve, rally and score

Orange: 8-9 years - Develop a rounded game

Green: 10 years - Put your skills to the test.



(Ages 11+)

Our Teen Tennis sessions are for secondary school aged children of all standards. They are played on full sized courts with regular bouncing balls and are with similar age/ability players. Our players in these sessions look to start developing tactics as well as their technique through hitting lots of balls!


Dr Catherine Crossan

"My children have attended Pete's Tennis Classes and Holiday Camps for a number of years.  Pete is a positive and pro-active coach.  He gets to know the kids and their learning styles and it really pays off in terms of their tennis development.  They have developed skills in attention and concentration as well as friendships and grown in self esteem.  I could not recommend Pete highly enough."

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