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Adult Coaching
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Our Adult Coaching sessions cater for all standards from beginners to regularly competing team players. We limit class sizes to 8, to make sure you get some personalised time with the coaches.


Check out our guide below to see where you fit in - if you are unsure which one is right for you, please contact us on

Your first session is always free - CLICK HERE to come down and try it out! 

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As a beginner you are new to the sport or have played very little. Our beginner classes will take you through all of the basics of tennis in a relaxed, fun environment with players of a similar ability. 


Your technique is starting to develop but you need further work. You may be returning to tennis after a break or play infrequently. These sessions will start to cover basic tactics and help to start playing friendly matches with other players of a similar   ability.


You can regularly achieve long rallies as well as being able to serve confidently and put tactics into play. These sessions will push you towards playing for the teams, giving you greater consistency and a better tactical understanding.


You are regularly playing for the teams and play at least twice a week. These sessions will focus on high intensity drills and   advanced tactics in a match.